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Hetaro Labs Announces World's First AI Watch on Solana Blockchain

SHOWTIME Watch by Hetaro Labs

SHOWTIME Watch by Hetaro Labs

SHOWTIME Watch by Hetaro Labs

SHOWTIME Watch by Hetaro Labs

SHOWTIME Watch AI Character

SHOWTIME Watch AI Character

SHOWTIME WATCH Proof of Togetherness

SHOWTIME WATCH Proof of Togetherness



Innovative tech company Hetaro Labs today announced the pre-sale of SHOWTIME: the world's AI watch on Solana Blockchain with AI capabilities.

HONG KONG, HONG KONG SAR, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, May 30, 2024 / -- Hetaro Labs, an innovative technology company focused on cultivating human-machine connection, today announced the SHOWTIME Watch: the world's AI watch on Solana Blockchain and first wearable processor with artificial intelligence capabilities.

“Once, we called it Cybernetics. Then, we called it Bionics. And now, we call it AI companions,” explained Ben CROX, Chief Executive Officer of Hetaro Labs. “The Human-Computer Interface will be as natural as the clothes-wearing, finger-snapping, and natural speaking. The machines shall know, follow up with, and understand you. With SHOWTIME Watch, we are coming closer than ever.”


The SHOWTIME Watch is the first in Hetaro Labs' line of wearable processors designed to integrate technology into the human experience. Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon W5 Platform with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, the SHOWTIME Watch runs Android and features an AMOLED display, GPS, 4G LTE connectivity, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC. Integrated motion and health sensors provide activity and wellness tracking.

What sets the SHOWTIME Watch apart is its built-in AI engine unprecedented in wearables. The AI provides intelligent notifications and learns the wearer's habits and preferences, offering predictive personalized experiences.

According to Hetaro Labs Chief Technology Officer Pat CHAN, “the field of AI struggles with data ownership issues. Data controlled by various software providers reveals different aspects of individuals that are often disjointed,” CHAN explains. “If a single entity possesses all the data of an individual, it not only violates privacy but also paves the way for monopolies based on data control.”

“In contrast, blockchain technology enables us to link data from different DApps while maintaining the decentralized identity of users, ensuring they are the exclusive owners of their data,” argues CHAN. “By incorporating our AI chip, which processes data locally, we are creating an ideal AI companion for our users.”

Most importantly, SHOWCASE is a blockchain project. Offering users the chance to earn tokens through engaging airdrops and resource sharing, SHOWCASE presents opportunities for community involvement and reward. The tokens acquired often hold significant market value and can surpass the original cost of contributed resources or services.

Proof of Togetherness (POT):

“The innovation of AI should bring us more time and space with those whom we treasure. However, in reality, it turns out that we spend more time with machines than with each other. Therefore, we introduce the concept of Proof-of-Togetherness as a means to encourage the community to stay together,” Hetaro Labs Chief Operating Officer Silver YU states.

“On the other hand, the data about togetherness is often overlooked by AI today. Our behavior as humans is significantly affected by the people around us, and a supportive AI companion should acknowledge that,” YU continues. “So, the Proof-of-Togetherness concept will be really important for AI to be integrated into our day-to-day life.”

Proof of Togetherness aims to address social isolation through the SHOWTIME Watch. By promoting meaningful human connections, it strives to fulfill people's needs for emotional support, empathy, and understanding.

The watch achieves this through several features:

1. Stay connected with timely alerts
- Immediate notification about changes in crypto portfolios and investments
- Alerts for airdrops and whitelist events
2. Access events easily
- Single-tap access notifications for offline and online events
- Effortless checking of upcoming meetup and conferences updates
3. Showcase NFT collections
- Easy display of NFT collections on the watch face, allowing their showcasing
4. Monitor user health and activity
- Close tracking of users’ steps, heart rate, sleep patterns and other health metrics
- Challenges and gamified applications to reach fitness goals
5. Foster closer connections
- Technology helping users stay on top of opportunities and supports their real-life relationships

By augmenting—rather than replacing—human relationships, Proof of Togetherness aims to enhance people's lives through more connectedness, empathy, and companionship.

Powered by Solana Blockchain

Solana is a high-performance, permissionless blockchain designed to support decentralized applications and facilitate seamless transactions at scale. An innovative blockchain, Solana leverages a unique proof-of-history consensus mechanism, enabling it to process an industry-leading 65,000 transactions per second.

SHOWTIME is the world's first AI watch on the Solana blockchain. Filling the market gap, SHOWTIME offers a unique AI watch that currently does not exist in the Solana ecosystem.

Furthermore, SHOWTIME provides numerous benefits not only via Solana, but also other Web3.0 DApps with features including:

- NFT Community features like PFP characters serving as AI companions, exclusive watch surfaces, real-life airdrops activated by distinct gestures, and event access controlled through token gating.
- Gamefi features such as a move-to-earn voice assistant, City Hunting navigation for immersive gameplay experiences, and reminders for time-sensitive in-game events.
- DeFi features like quick token swaps facilitated by AI, AI-powered market analysis for informed decision-making, and AI-monitored on-chain actions for enhanced security and efficiency.
- Alerts features such as customized strategy-based fear and greed auto-reminders, notifications for eligible airdrops, and alerts for portfolio price changes and important news updates.

By augmenting—rather than replacing—human connections, SHOWTIME aims to enhance people's lives through more empathy, companionship and togetherness. Hetaro Labs plans to develop more technologies that support human wellbeing and connection.

Getting SHOWTIME now
This groundbreaking AI product, combining AI & blockchain features, empowers users to effortlessly generate income through lucrative Airdrops. To participate in the pre-sale, interested parties simply need to bond their wallet, connect their email, and leave their address. SHOWTIME Watch can be pre-ordered here today for 3 SOL.

Units will begin shipping in February/March 2025.

About Hetaro Labs

Hetaro Labs is a tech company that cultivates human-machine connection. Its products are designed to elevate the human experience Proof of Togetherness (POT) through intelligent and personalized interactions. Hetaro Labs is headquartered in Hong Kong. For more information, visit SHOW.WATCH

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SHOWTIME Watch: Join the Show

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